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Artist Statement

I am fascinated with human interaction and I love to study and interpret the senses people get from various interactions and experiences in our modern society. The emotional responses that happen deep within, while the behavioural responses are a result of a sudden change in psychological state, the outcomes of these responses, even from the most mundane daily occurrences varies from person to person and are often overlooked. 

Conveying all those seemingly insignificant and strange senses through the form of video allows the viewers to relate better based on their personal experiences, thus their feelings drift between familiarity and unfamiliarity, forming an empathetic connection. When I start with one point, the further from that point I’m able go, the more things I can get in this cycle, and  ultimately ends back at the starting point. The more abstract the concept is, the more specific the details that can be revealed from it. In addition, the more emotional feelings between people, the more rational experiences can find it in our normal everyday life. The less narratives I impart onto the work, the more relatable it can be for the different audiences.

I don’t create works for the audiences, I just provide the viewers with a stimuli so they can fill in this invisible space with their own perceptions and speculations, therefore the works are fulfilled by the realisation and mutual understanding between me and audience.


Instagram: ValoraYoung

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