These photos are taken by this summer in China 2020 while I was traveling in-between cities and towns


Some of pictures are selected into this article to reveal the arbitrariness that spawns from the circumstances around me that instant, and I’m just an observer who passes by and captures that moment.


Patterns on the Glass and Wall




Arrow to the Cabinet


Luggage with Trolley


Floating Sink


Wooden Tools


Propped up Mop


Hanging Mop


Leaning Eggshell


Happiness Water Bottle


Half of Sofa in Front of A Pair of Couplet


NOT Collection Area




No Climbing


Bowing Traffic Cone


No Painting Allowed Here


Watermelon in Front of a Pharmacy


A Set of Different Kinds of Chairs


A Set of Different Coloured Chairs

Those photos are not only records of the objects and human life, it is more like a clue which is full of different cultural habits, sophisticated relationship between people, lazy but smart ‘tricks’, or absurd response. Especially those actions usually happen naturally and unconsciously.

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